Area amici a 4 zampe | Salone del Camper


Four-Legged Friends’ Area

In association with Parma Etica, Salone del Camper will be offering a free outside space from Saturday the 9th to Sunday the 17th in front of Pavilion 3.

There will be games and sports activities with man’s best friend, guided demonstrations and tips from expert instructors.

Programme for 9 – 10 – 11 – 15 (afternoon) – 16 and 17 september

From “Fantasia Cinofila”, Volterra

– games zone for mental stimulation and scent games for your dog,
focusing on activities suitable for any location i.e. even on holiday
– information area for canine ethology and behavioural traits
– information area for our relationship with animals
– advice on the individual personality of you dogs
– advice on human-dog relationships
– advice on the tailored use of Bach Flower Remedies for people and dogs
– Free reiki treatment, bookable by phone on +3922455171

From Parma Etica, next to the Four-Legged Friends area
Presenting and publicising the vegan philosophy

Amici a 4 zampe

Scopri le attività ludiche e sportive da svolgere insieme ai fedeli amici dell’uomo, prove guidate e consigli di istruttori esperti.