When and where is Il Salone del Camper?

Il Salone del Camper will be held in Parma Exhibition Center from September 12th 20th 2020. Visitors can visit the exhibition from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How do you ensure the safety of visitors and exhibitors?

Fiere di Parma has installed distributors of hydroalcoholic-based sanitizers for hand washing in all the places of work, bathrooms, hallways, common areas and reception area.
At the end of each day, in the exhibition halls, break rooms, refreshment rooms and restrooms will be subjected to deep sanitation.

Is it allowed to visit campers and caravans?

Yes, it is possible to visit the recreational vehicles without the need for gloves and shoes protection, but with mask and hand sanitizer only and visitors have to keep one meter away as they await (not for families).

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed, but for visitors safety and wellness, you must use a leash and muzzle.

Where can I park?

Visitors have a wide choice of parking: electrified areas for campers and caravans are available close to the exhibition center, as well as no electrified areas for campers and caravans and car parking. Furthermore, parking areas are available in Parma city and province.
You can consult the complete list here

What are the electrified areas?

Electrified areas are 267 areas for campers and caravans, with electrical connections and camper services for long-term stops. They are close to the entrance of Il Salone. Reserve here your electrified area.

Are there parking areas for campers close to Il Salone del Camper?

Yes, you can consult here the complete list

Are there shuttle buses from Parma to Il Salone?

Yes, there is a shuttle which connects the Center of Parma to Il Salone del Camper in 20 minutes. Additional details will be available in the months prior to the exhibition.

Where can I find the exhibitor list?

You can consult here the exhibitor list. At the entrance to the exhibition center a free map will be available where you can find the exhibitor list with their position in the pavillions.

Where can I find a map of Il Salone?

The map of Il Salone del Camper, with the exhibitor list and their position, will be available free of charge for all visitors at the entrance and in every info point.

I would like to receive updates about Il Salone, where can I subscribe to the newsletter?

To receive updates about Il Salone del Camper, it is sufficient to fill in the form here

Are there seconhand vehicles in Il Salone del Camper?

No, at Il Salone del Camper secondhand vehicles are not exhibited and sold. Furthermore it is absolutely forbidden to affix messages about secondhand vehicle sales in the parking areas of the exhibition center and in the surrounding areas.

Are there baby-changing facilities available?

Yes of course. You can find changing tables in some of the female restrooms.