Poland, the unguessed land for first time visitors and the favourite destination of repeaters. Its versatile charm combines what we traditionally consider the typical of the west, east and north of Europe. We can think of numerous reasons why to choose it as a next plein air destination – one cannot ask for more both geographically and culturally. Starting from the majestic Tatra peaks in the south, through the cities rich of cultural heritage and untouched natural sites, to the sabulous beaches along the Baltic coast, in Poland you will enjoy in full the liberty that is offered by camper travelling.

We will present an original itinerary composed of day by day 3 weeks ideas of getting to know the country that as it grows it simultaneously tries to maintain a certain degree of wilderness and is characterised by an unusual traffic calmness compared to the neighbouring states. Poland is one of the few countries that are quite licit when it comes to the free parking and cowboy camping, which basically means that you will always find some picturesque-view space for you camper. For those who prefer traditional campsites, the prices are still rather symbolic. You can flush and top up the water in your camper along the highways in the parking spaces thought for touristic couches.

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By Ufficio Turistico Polacco