Travel Itineraries

Sant’Agata dei Goti, Benevento

Sant’Agata dei Goti, the “pearl of Sannio”,perched above the eroded ridge. The town appears as a united front which dominates the torrent Martorano, in which you can visit the Ducal Palace, the Assunta Cathedral, the S. Menna Church.Where to stay in camper: wide parking close to the sports ground. Sant’Agata De’ Goti (BN) – Parrocchia […]

Castel di Tora, Rieti

On the shores of artificial Lake Turano facing the magical medieval village of Castel di Tora. Thyme and brooms immerse the city in the forest nature which develops on the slopes of Mount Navegna. Following the ups and downs of the narrow streets you can visit the baroque church of San Giovanni Evangelista and Fontana […]

Gradara, Pesaro e Urbino

In the hinterland of the Marche, the Gradara village dominates the whole valley with the fortress and the fortified city. Its history is known for the the tragic love between Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta, immortalized by Dante in Canto V of “Inferno”. Even today is possible to visit the rooms where the story […]

Allerona, Terni

Very old medieval village located in the “blessed” triangle among Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, Allerona rises in an area full of greenery nearby Villalba Park, where visitors can experiment enjoyable excursions. Going into the old town through the Door of the Sun and the Door of the Moon, is revealed a small old town with […]

San Casciano dei Bagni, Siena

Located on the hill of Valdichiana, the medieval village of Casciano dei Bagni is famous since 1400 for its more than 40 warm water natural sources, including the ancient wash-houses of Bagno Grande and Bagno Bossolo. The picturesque old town winds up in a spiral to the gothic San Leonard Cathedral and its sevententh-century bell […]

Tunis: the Saharan door

In Tunis you have the chance to discover the most mediterranean face of Africa. A land full of dates, oliv and orange trees, full of history, sea and natural beauty. As in other muslim  countries, the call of muezzin to prayer, marks the pass of the day here too. In the south of country, we […]