Brand manager

Gloria Oppici

Sales Department

Campers and Caravans
William Bavone
(0039) 0521 996333
(0039) 340 8304288

Tourism, Shopping, Accessories
Iacopo Nicoli
(0039) 0521 996873
(0039) 340 8244002


Press Office

Sabrina Talarico – Giulia Maruccelli


Fiere di Parma
Viale delle Esposizioni, 393A
43126 – Parma
+39 (0) 0521 9961

Dates and opening hours

GPS: 44°50’57.2”N 10°17’25.2”E

Opening period

2024, September 14th – 22nd

every day

Visitors: 9.30 am – 6.00 pm

Free entrance

Children under 12
People with disabilities
(you must show the document that establishes your disability and your identity)
+ 1 free entrance for the helper (only if the disabled person isn’t autonomous).
N.B.: you have to be equipped with everything you need to visit the exhibition, it will not be possible to rent any support on site.
Dogs are welcome to Il Salone del Camper: they can come in only with leash and muzzle.