In order to ensure the safety of visitors and exhibitors and to minimize as much as possible any risk of infection, Fiere di Parma has developed an event management protocol designed to meet the different operational and regulatory requirements (following the prevention guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health) needed to increase the safety of those using our services.

Work Areas and methods of intervention:

Parking Area

Access regulation and exhibition center capacity

Compliace with the exhibition center capacity and single pavilions

Sanitation of common areas and food service

Layout stand

Camper tour protocol

Parking Area

There are no specific restrictions regarding the distance between the vehicles. It will be possible to buy online parking and, as usual, the electrified parking areas will be available on the website ( starting June 30.

Access regulation and exhibition center capacity

Purchase tickets

In order to speed up the access procedures and to avoid queues due to the necessary checks, as well as the approppriate distance, we suggest you to buy your ticket online.

Sanitation path

The access to the exhibition center will take place through a sanitation path that will allow in one moment to disinfect hands, measure temperature with thermoscan, spray sanitizing solution, check the presence of face mask (compulsory).

Monitoring the number of accesses

By using an integrated cameras system, located at the entry points.

Compliance with capacity

Purchase online tickets and access control system, will allow to precisely monitor the number of visitors inside the exhibition center, in a constant way. Thanks to this system, even in the case of specific directions issued by the Health Authority, we will be able to menage the exhibition center capacity, by interacting with the booking office.

Common areas sanitation and food service

  • The cleaning process of the common areas in the pavilion such as dining areas, relax areas, main access to the pavilion, sanitary facilities will be increased during hours of the exhibition. At the end of each day, there will be an additional deep sanitation processing with a spray disinfectant solution. Furthermore in the common areas will be placed gel hand dispenser available to visitors.
  • Food services will be implemented in order to facilitate the necessary phisical distancing (1mt). All the staff will be equipped with the compulsory devices (gloves and masks) and will be built safety barriers in plexiglass , tables and chairs will be sanitized every new customer.
    For all services contactless payments are recommended.

Layout stand

The layout of stand must be designed in order to minimize the excessive crowd and to provide entry/exit separate and independent paths, in order to avoid visitors flow and to allow a comfortable visit in compliance with the established minimal distance.

Exhibitors must make available to visitors of their own stand, sanitizing gel and they have to track the number of people within their own space, following the legislation in force during the exhibition, to date 1mt.

Protocol for visiting recreational vehicles

We recommend to allow the visit of the vehicle by checking that the visitor has the compulsory mask, in order to guarantee a safe and happy visit.

At the end of the day, the vehicle must be sanitized inside. 

N.B.: In the case of different indications issued by the Authorities, we will promptly inform you.

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