North Cape

The trip offered runs through most of the Scandinavian peninsula. The first town we visit is Stockolm, the capital of Sweden.

A very elegant city and full of charm. We continue along the coast of Baltic Sea and we go to the North, to reach the Arctic Circle where will always be sunlight!!! We see the natural landscape change from forest to desert! We celebrate the arrival to the Arctic Circle in the Elf cave and with Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

In Finland we navigate along very scenic roads and we see the high nordic pines until you reach the barren lands, we also meet reindeers and elk on our way.

We come to the east end villages of the scandinavian peninsula, on the border with Russia and we see the northernmost lighthouse from all over Europe!!

We go to the legendary destination that every motorhome customer dreams: North Cape!!!
In North Cape the sun doesn’t go down for almost two months, a full day of light of 24 hours!!So, we fall back to the south, going to the Norway rugged coastline, we visit Tromso known as “Paris of the North”, and along the coast, we can do photo safari looking for the whales (this year we have seen a group of 35 whales!!!) up to the wonderful and wild Lofoten islands.

We follow the antlantical coastal and we ride with our campers the eight bridges which connect seventeen islands, a show where nature and human engineer come together in a very beautiful way. Going through one of the most famous Norway streets, the Troll Street, and the most beautiful Fjords, we come to Bergen which is famous for its port and fish market. Between glaciers and snowfields, we go to the fjords among which Sognenfiord, the longest one of the Norway, and then we arrive and visit Oslo, the Norway capital.

An exciting journey in which we travel around 10.000 Km from Italy, a suitable trip for everyone without considerable difficulties.

By L’Ottovolante